Does Shrimpish® cook like “real shrimp”?

Yes! You can cook Shrimpish® just like you’d cook animal shrimp. Grilled, sauteed, fried–you name it.

What are the main ingredients in Shrimpish®?

Shrimpish® is made from a handful of healthy, carefully sourced ingredients including green coconut, water, konjac flour, and tapioca. Get all the details and nutrition info here.

What is konjac?

Konjac is a plant that looks a little bit like a potato and has been eaten for centuries. It helps give Shrimpish® its realistic texture and, like all of our ingredients, meets our high nutritional standards.

Can I eat Shrimpish® if I’m allergic to shellfish?

Yes! Shrimpish® is 100% plant-based and certified free from fish and shellfish.

Why did you create Shrimpish®?

Our co-founder Bernard experienced a life-changing health event that led him to discover the human and planetary benefits of a plant-based diet. He was so inspired that he created The ISH™ Company with his co-founder, Rich.

Bernard and Rich started experimenting with plant-based shrimp because they were concerned about the sketchy labor practices, habitat destruction, and unhealthy inputs of the traditional shrimp industry.

Fast forward a few months and Shrimpish® is now on the market as a human and planet-friendly alternative to the real thing.

How do I buy Shrimpish®?

Shrimpish® is currently being sold to select foodservice and retail customers in North America. Please reach out to us through the Foodservice page.