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Everything we do is for real—real food that makes a big impact on your health, taste buds and the world. Zero lab-grown ingredients or preservatives. Just clean, 100% plant-based food for healthy and delicious meals. 

Our Whole System Approach aligns every ingredient and every step in the process with Nature, making the world better by making your food taste better.

Join the ISH revolution, one plant-based meal at a time.

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Exceptionally delicious, highly nutritious, plant-based seafood

Tortilla Soup with Shrimpish® Crumbles

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Konjac Root


A low-calorie root vegetable with a unique texture, Konjac is rich in fiber and may aid in reducing cholesterol levels.

Algae Oil


Rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, algae oil offers potential anti-inflammatory benefits and supports cardiovascular and cognitive health.



A complete protein source, soybeans contain all essential amino acids and provide nutrition and texture to our plant-based foods.



Abundant in minerals and micronutrients, kelp is an important ingredient in our plant-based seafood for its ability to deliver fish-like sea flavors and contribute to the regeneration of ocean life.

Green Coconut


Young coconuts, known as green coconuts, are packed with electrolytes and micronutrients. They are lower in calories and fat compared to mature coconuts.


Immune Boost

Beyond its aromatic flavor, garlic is known to naturally aid in lowering cholesterol levels.

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